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Posted-on: Wednesday, 15 April 2020, 6:17 PM

It is unfortunate that Covid is breaking geographies with aggression. The cause and origin of the virus is not my point, but how ill prepared are we as a society to handle these crisis. We have not learnt from SARS. Working from an alternate location - people moving to other site and testing do not come handy for most scenarios.

Many organisations have built rigid technology infrastructure that does not allow remote working, leave alone personal laptops and devices.

Splitting teams, working from different locations, working from home, reprioritising work, work timings, avoiding public transport, use pool cars etc will help. Look at your SLAs and renegotiate where possible. Keep your call trees active and tested.

Calls for lifestyle changes. Encourage staff to minimise non essential private travel. Avoid meetings, gatherings and conferences. Walking is better than gyms. Eat hot and cooked home food.

Do not panic. But be Aware. Be a responsible social citizen.

Kris Konsulting is advising and help review the BCP and Resilency strategy in this hour of crisis. Our humble contribution, we do it pro bono. Please feel free to get in touch with us for any assistance that you may need.

We will get over this. We will emerge stronger. God bless all.

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